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Sporting events are unique and require specific knowledge to support and produce. Unlike other events, the spectacle is not the show. It is The Sport. We were supporting Britain's sporting events and athletes long before the 2012 Olympic craze.

Not only have we supplied production management, sound, lighting, and video to support various sports, we are proud to have delivered numerous awards ceremonies acknowledging the phenomenal achievements and hard work of many athletes in their respective sports. Click here to see a little more about our awards ceremonies.

At Novum AV we recognise the unique requirements in supporting sporting events; we have provided technical solutions to support events across a wide range of sports from Gymnastics, to Badminton, From Boxing to Rally Car Racing.

As your contracted Audio Visual service provider we will help with all areas of production, sound, lighting and video. We work with our clients to create a spectator experience that really helps raise the profile of the sport and shows it in its best light, without distracting away from the competitors or compromising its integrity.

Depending on the sport, and the nature of the competition we recognise that some events may only need catering for a small audience, other sporting events require much larger scale production for stadiums and broadcast TV lighting, our experience in the sporting events field makes us an ideal event AV partner to really make your competition or display exhibition something special.

Our team are experienced in providing feeds for, and interfacing with sport-specific scoring systems, as well as being well accustomed to video replay technology both for the use in scoring/judging systems as well as for audience video replays.


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