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Our in house design team are always dreaming up new and innovative ways to present your event and offer a new slant or style on traditional themes.

Following the initial consultation with our project managers our design team will consider the purpose, style and theming of the event and design a suitable backdrop and set that will give your event a professional, polished setting to present your message to your audience.

The platform we create will be stimulating and engaging to help you audience stay focussed on the message in hand. In addition to our stock staging and set panels, we also customise our stage and set-designs in house enable all manner of curves and lines to create unique shapes and ideas to fit branding.

Our set builders can create large lettering, logos, shapes and customisations using various different materials to create innovative effects. We have created projects utilising standard timber frames, custom moulded plastics, plastics bending and warping, polystyrene models and lettering, as well as 3D props and to compliment the design.

Each design can incorporate reveals and hideaways to reveal products or people in line with the overall event design.

If you have a specific idea in mind, we will happily provide you a competitive quotation to bring your ideas to life

We also have a selection of stock set designs which can be a good option when you are trying to work within tight budget constraints or short timescales.

For the budget conscious events we keep a stock of standard set panels for hire. Click here for further details.


Christy Turlington