Welsh Artistic Championships - From Novum AV, The AV Hire and Technical Event Production Company.
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NEWS - Welsh Artistic Championships

Welsh Artistic Championships
Tuesday, 28 February 2012

As an established presentations service provider for British Gymnastics, Novum AV were asked to supply the sound system and crew to support the Welsh Artistic Gymnastics Championships.

There are often added complications with working in a sports hall and the hard surfaces throughout bring in extra considerations when designing any sound system. With the emphasis on the sport, it is important that the technology is supporting the communication in any event, not getting in the way of it. With our vast experience in sound system design, coupled with our experience working in gymnastics events, Novum AV were the perfect company for the job.

The system was designed by our Technical Director, Simon Kemp, who favoured using Martin Audio for this specific application. Utilising a distributed system design, speakers were strategically positioned throughout the auditorium with careful delay calculations helping deliver the warmth and clarity expected, to both competitors and the audience alike.

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