Evergreen album launch - From Novum AV, The AV Hire and Technical Event Production Company.
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NEWS - Evergreen album launch

Evergreen album launch
Friday, 13 July 2012

It had been 2 years since the Berkshire based band had released their last album. This time set in a chapel, Novum AV supplied sound, lighting and production for the event which again featured 3 bands.

The band, Colin, Nathan, Andy and Lalo (or 2 Americans, an Englishman and a Mexican as they describe themselves) Have have a busy 2 years touring and have grown in reputation performing on average 4-5shows per week in the last year. They have literally traveled the length and breadth of Europe performing their songs to bring a message of hope.

Marie Luise designed the lighting for the show and made every effort to make a feature of the chapel, strategic lighting the architecture within the building with the brief in mind that the band really wanted the audience to feel like they were part of the show.

The sound was designed using point source cabinets from our TRS touring range of speakers and the coverage was even and complete.

Novum have had a long standing relationship with the band having working with them since they formed.

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