British Rhythmic Gymnastics Champio - From Novum AV, The AV Hire and Technical Event Production Company.
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NEWS - British Rhythmic Gymnastics Champio

British Rhythmic Gymnastics Champio
Saturday, 30 June 2012

For the 4th year running, novum AV, working with Chordiem, Have supported the AV solution for the British Rhythmic gymnastic Championships. This time incorporating the mens artistic event, Fenton manor was packed with apartus and spectators, leaving little room for one of our spectacular sets.

This year we supplied audio only. Simon Kemp, our technical director designed a system to cater for the event. The design challenges were quite unique for this project. With the large venue divided up into various sections, with nothing physically separating them, each with their own requirements controlling the sound and it directivity was absolutely critical.

For this project, Simon favoured a combination of or TRS115 and TRS112 point source cabinets, each selected and placed for the control they offered in directing the sound.

Every gymnast and spectator were given first class audio reproduction, each hearing the perfect balance of warmth, clarity and definition.

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