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Avolites Powercube

A complete dimming, mains and data distribution solution in one box.

  • 12 dedicated dimmer channels
  • Additional 6ch selectable, dimmed or switched power
  • 6ch dedicated switched power.
  • Dimmer & distribution chnls - 10A C-type ABB breakers
  • Distribution channels 16A C-type ABB breakers
  • Mains tail fitted with a 63A 5-pin Cee connector.
  • Can be ran on 63A single phase
  • Mains inlet breaker 63A D type ABB breakers

Three individual single phase 63A 30mA residual current breakers to protect operators. Each RCB protects one phase, therefore increasing the selectivity of the RCB protection. (BS7909 requirement).

Mains breaker is a four pole unit that also protects the neutral wire which is important in case of single phase operation.

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Avolites Powercube Available to hire from Novum AV