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63a 3-phase Distro

Our 63a 3phase distro's give you 2x 16a and 2x 32a single phase ceeform outlets on each phase. In addition to the overall RCBO, each outlet also has a 30ms ELCB type breaker.

In addition to the circuit protection, our distro's come with an ammeter to monitor loading.

All of our mains distribution and cabling is tested regularly by our in-house technicians and is deemed safe and fit for purpose before being allowed out on any on-site job.

Weight: 44kgs      Dimensions: 480mm x 530mm x 700mm

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All prices are exclusive of VAT, delivery and setup costs. Please call us for a quotation should you require further assistance with your hire.
63a 3-phase Distro Available to hire from Novum AV